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The Hard Truth

Due to the incredible influence of pop-icon fueled social media, where “the opportunity to live like a celebrity” seems more attainable than ever, the internet glorification of life in the major cities like Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles has led to a dramatic increase in runaway reports nationwide.

Young boys and girls aren’t aware of the disconnect between what happens on TV screens and what real life is like. They don’t realize that being away from home is far more dangerous than they are prepared for.

Unfortunately, many of them end up living on the streets, or worse, some of these young runaways are swept up by smooth talking predators and find themselves coerced and manipulated into the sex trade.

Once these young men and women find themselves in this position, it becomes increasingly harder to escape, as these predators use fear and domestic violence to keep them from contacting family or going back home.

Our Teens Need To Know The Hard Truth;

Life on the streets is not glamorous. Reality stars and pop icons have resources that have allowed them to live lavish lifestyles, and more importantly after all the nightlife and partying these individuals have homes and families to return to.

For runaways, these resources aren’t available. So when they run out of money and have nowhere to go, they become easy targets for predators.

If you do not believe in predators, then you are living in a false reality. They cruise nightclubs, Facebook, and other Social Media outlets looking for the perfect youth to manipulate. They offer a place to stay, an ear to listen, and drugs to ease the pain. Predators make false promises of fame, glory, and the comfortable life.

They are liars.

Unfortunately, most teens who become targets of predators don’t realize that they’re in danger until it’s too late. All these promises soon come with a price, most commonly drug addiction, coercion into the sex trade, or a combination of both.

It’s easy to think “this won’t happen to me,” but unless you find a reputable shelter, it very easily could. When the situation becomes dire enough, when you’re cold and hungry and sleeping on the streets, your judgment will become affected, and you’ll take the first helping hand offered to you, no matter the consequences.

Estimations have shown that young people, especially girls, begin engaging in survival sex within 48 hours of leaving home. Sex for food and a place to stay can quickly escalate into formalized prostitution. Ones that don’t succumb to this route will try to find other ways to survive. They may panhandle during the day and sleep in parks or abandoned buildings until they realize that doing this isn’t enough. The hard truth is that many young people find themselves selling drugs or sex, not by choice, but through necessity.

It doesn’t sound very glamorous, does it?

Run Away To Home Advocates

The advocates of Run Away to Home have been trained to handle a crisis, provide support and listen to your story, no matter what your circumstances. We are here to help you without judgment. We are here to assist you before you make that life changing decision.

If you feel you are being coerced online to leave home and want to know if who you are talking to is a predator, we will provide you with the truth.