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Our Streets of Las Vegas

The Streets of Las Vegas

Trafficking of minor girls to Las Vegas from other states for prostitution continues to be a highly desired occupation for pimps.

Las Vegas is a prime target state for sex trafficking due to the highly sexualized Las Vegas landscape that caters to tourists hoping to partake in some of ‘Sin City’s’ lifestyle.

It’s no wonder that the Las Vegas strip it is littered with escort ads and Young girls and boys walks the hotels. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these youths are runaways who thought they had no other choice.

Help us to cover the streets of Las Vegas with Run Away To Home ads.


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Run Away To Home's vision is to pick one major city each month to advertise a bulletin board. This month it is Las Vegas.

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Sharing Awareness

There are ways you can help:

  • Give Airline Miles, Hotel Vouchers, and Uber Credits
  • Donate gift certificates to grocery stores. Feed a homeless teen.
  • Your monetary donation is tax deductible and helps keep youth safe and off the streets.


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Our Streets of Las Vegas

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